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Let’s bring guaranteed leads to your site.

With our PPC strategies, your website will attract quality leads in a targeted and cost-effective manner. So the conversion rate and revenue will be much higher.

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Our PPC Campaign Results

Over the past 20 years, we have created successful PPC campaigns for thousands of clients around the world.

Successful PPC campaigns launched.
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CTR across the B2B PPC campaigns across the board.
0 %
Increased SaaS companies’ qualified leads
0 %
Boost in eCommerce sales
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At least 10% conversion rate
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Get the best Paid Ads Strategy for your business.

As a proud Semrush Certified Agency Partner, we can help launch highly-profitable PPC campaigns for your business with the best tools and tactics.

What’s Included in Our Monthly PPC Plan?

At HeartBeep Marketing, our PPC monthly plans include an in-depth analysis into the business. That ensures the following strategies can be implemented effectively and efficiently.

Lower investment
- 0 %
Higher sales and revenue
+ 0 %
Better click-through rate (CTR)
+ 0 %
Lower your cost per click (CPC)
- 0 %

Our PPC Plans & Packages

HeartBeep Marketing brings a range of PPC packages suitable for business of different sizes and industrial domains.





Suitable for (Monthly Ad Spend, Paid to Networks)

$750 – $2,000/month

$2,000 – $7,000/month


Ad Campaign Copywriting

Image & Creative Designing

Keyword research

Competitor Analysis

Ad Groups




Keyword Bid Set-up

Geo Targeting (Location-Based)

Search Query Report

Shopping Ads

Remarketing List

Landing Page Analysis

Goal Set-up & Conversion

Conversion Report

Traffic Report

Performance Report

Dedicated Account Manager

Ad Platforms


Google, Meta

Google, Meta, LinkedIn

Monthly Management Cost

Only Search Ads



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Contact Us Now

Contact Us Now

Want a personalized PPC package?

We can design something the checks all the boxes for your company

How We Implement a PPC Campaign

Let’s say you come to us for a personalized PPC campaign for your business enterprise. What’s next?


Current PPC Account Audit

First off, we dive into your existing PPC account and identify growth opportunities.


Account Setup or Restructuring

For existing accounts, we optimize the campaigns on the right platforms and ensure the success.


Ad Strategy & Writing

We craft high-performing, captivating ad copies to ensure quality traffic on your website.


Landing Page Setup

We ensure your landing pages are optimized to convert those visitors into leads or sales.


Draft a PPC Campaign Report

Finally, we draft a detailed report on the PPC campaign with the key metrics.

Why Invest in Our PPC Campaign Services?

Our PPC campaigns can help reach your target audience and achieve your business goals

Data-driven Strategies, Real Results

Our PPC campaigns are built on a foundation of in-depth research, and data-driven decision making. So the ads reach the right people at the right time. That means increased sales, qualified leads, and a higher ROI.

Transparency & Ongoing Optimization

You'll receive regular reports about your campaign performance. So you can track progress and see the value we deliver. And we continuously analyze data and user behavior to refine your campaigns for max impact.

Expertise Across Platforms

We have the experience and knowledge to leverage the strengths of leading PPC platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and others. So the campaign has maximum reach and impact.

Expert PPC Team

Our expert PPC team stays updated on the latest industry trends and best practices. So your campaign benefits from cutting-edge strategies that consistently outperform the competition.

See What Our Clients Say

Let’s see what our clients have to say about our pay-per-click advertising services.

Liver Medic


You need the marketing expertise that HeartBeep Marketing NH has if you are to survive in any competitive business environment. It’s nice to get the personal attention and cost effectiveness lacking in agencies.

liam kirley


Gave me free advice on my e-commerce website for my clothing brand. I am now. Applying in my strategy to move forward, highly recommend services.

Rob “RT”


Wanted to comment on what a seamless operation that Mike has @ Heart Beep Marketing!!! From conception to implementation of several levels of campaign activation, Mike was on point from start to finish!!! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a “turnkey” marketing/social media campaign coordinator.

Victor Gentile


Mike has been a great person to work with and has been more than helpful! He made our whole website for Vidarrinc and it came out absolutely fantastic. His marketing expertise has helped me grow my own skills and opened my eyes to ideas I never even thought of looking into before.

Briana Valentino


I spent years trying to do for myself what Mike has been able to do for me in 3 months. To say I appreciate him is an understatement. Over 150+ leads and has increased my social media following as well. Stop trying to market yourself. Just hire Mike and trust the process.

Beverly Gentile


Michael was able to create a professional website for my powerlifting business in less than a day and effectively helped me learn to brand and market myself in order to better reach local powerlifters who are looking to compete in my area. I told him all of the elements that were important to me, and he was able to put everything together and bring my vision to reality for my business. I highly recommend HeartBeep Marketing for any of your business needs, no matter the scale.

Arborcare Tree Service


Mike of Heart Beep Media provided exceptional marketing services for my business. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, Mike demonstrated a deep understanding of my brand and target audience. Mike’s professionalism, attention to detail, and timely communication made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. I highly recommend Heart Beep Media to anyone seeking top-notch marketing solutions.

Shira Nafshi


Mike’s knowledge and flexibility has resulted in an advertising campaign which has been a huge asset to our business. Highly recommend it!

Mike Gentile, CEO/President

Meet our CEO & Pay-Per-Click Campaign Specialist

Mike has been running PPC campaigns for clients from various industries since 2004. He brings a wealth of experience and has launched 3 successful startups in the marketing and media space. And he generated nearly $30M in sales while managing a sales operation in New England.

Mike graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in business administration with a focus on leadership.

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